Plastic Free Hair and Skin Care with Isangs

Hello everybody! A while ago I made a video guide on how to make your own body butter, I used ingredients from the Danish store Isangs, which is a store I am rather fond of. Because of this, I thought I would tell you a wee bit more about the items I received. Firstly, everything is plastic free, naturally, but I was still rather excited to discover the use of compostable and recyclable packaging. They offer bulk coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter, which is just such a major plus! Also, I have been looking for a body soap that actually works and is un-packaged – the one from Isangs is brilliant I can tell you that! I also received two shampoo bars, the little round ones, and they have such a delightful natural scent to them, they will be on my must-have list from now on! Lastly, the hair tonic is really a life saver, although I imagine people without dreadlocks will benefit even more from it, in spite of this, it does seem to have some positive effect on my hair still! I hope you guys are all well!

The products in this post is sponsored by Isangs

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