Sunday, February 7, 2016

Why I Only Need 1 Pair of Jeans

Hello everybody! Two years ago I owned well above 10 pairs of trousers, over 90 pairs of shoes and enough tops and t-shirts to last me a life time. Oddly enough, I never wore most of it. When I moved out from home I decided to give it all away to charity, literally all of it. I gave 80 pairs of shoes and almost my entire wardrobe. I still have a lot of clothes, according to my boyfriend, but not two pieces look the same. I only have one pair of jeans and that is actually enough for me. I do not wear trousers that much, so why store something you never use? It feels completely freeing to give up stuff, let it go and find value and worth elsewhere. Do you think about down sizing your wardrobe?

5 thoughts on “Why I Only Need 1 Pair of Jeans

  1. I all ready have down sized! 😀
    It truly is a wonderful feeling to only have want you need. Before I only used a few items on the top of the piles in the closet. So I gave away or sold what I did not need. So someone else could enjoy it. <3 (jet I do own more then one pair of pans 😉 )

  2. I have been slowly downsizing my wardrobe, but 1 pair is a little slim for me. I have about 2 that I wear on the weekends or when I’m working in the yard. Then about 2 more that I use only for going into the office. I’ve gotten rid of alot of shirts.

  3. I am all for downsizing but one pair is not enough especially when you are biking to and from work/school. You sweat everywhere and you need them washed more often.

  4. i, as a minimalist, do only own one a pair of jeans (boyfriends cut). in addition to my short jumpsuit, a kind of thick leggings and of course my of long underwear 😉
    when i wash it, maybe just every two weeks, i wear my leggings. i never missed anything!

  5. I’m really picky about trousers and had been living in hand-me-downs from my sister for years. I finally went to a store that sells only jeans, tried on like 15 pairs, and ended up getting twice the same pair, haha! Now I need to alter them a bit because they’re too long but I hope I can keep them for many years to come! Shopping for trousers is such a torture 😀

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