Zero Waste Food Diary

Hello everybody! This month’s food diary is not as organised as the last one, but I will make sure to step up my game for next time! However, I did manage to take a few pictures of my food throughout the week. Lately, I learned two new recipes that will make  my zero waste life so much easier – that is the tortilla recipe and the nacho chip recipe, which will be explained further in an upcoming tutorial! For me, it is important that waste free food is neither boring nor the same over and over again, so it is so much fun coming up with new recipes and alternatives! Other than that, I have really been enjoying my stainless steel containers, now that I am at uni almost everyday. My favourite thing this week though, has been curry dishes, I have been eating so much curry in order to stay healthy, but it seems that the flu found me anyway, typical. I would like to know what your favourite waste free food or dish is! Leave a comment and tell me!


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