If You Are A Zero Waster You Know That…


…The day is saved when you find a new product in bulk …That you want to hit someone when you say ‘no straw please’ and they bring you a straw anyway … How awful it feels to buy something in a jar with an extra plastic lid underneath …The unpredictable lifespan of organic carrots …That your life is complete when a brand switches from plastic packaging to glass or cardboard …That you always have trouble with storing bread for more than two days. ..The feel of waiting for your basil to grow so you can make pasta sauce …That forgetting a canvas bag is pretty much for worst day ever …That look you get when people think that you’re crazy, but you don’t care …How ice cubs can be a challenge …The feeling of being that one person at the farmer’s market everyone knows you, and you know them …The feeling of disappointment when you buy something in cardboard and they hid the plastic bag inside, yeah Bugles I am talking to you …That the best feeling in the world, is coming home with all you package free goods, laying the all on a table and gazing at your victory!  


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  1. Yes, yes and yes! Having prepared a zero waste meal for friends is the second best feeling 😊

  2. Great text and SO TRUE! Love it! 🙂

  3. When you buy a lot of waste free soapbars and other stuff. The lady at the checkout finds your zero waste journey great and gives you a sample of something else in plastic. Grrrr

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