No Fabric Waste Fashion

Fedora – Vintage // Bag – Second Hand // Two-piece – Skunkfunk

Hello everybody! I love learning about new companies or brands that is starting to realise and sell zero waste products. I got in touch with this brand called Skunkfunk, they make super rad designs in amazing prints and guess what, they have a no-fabric waste policy! The designs are fashioned as such with the purpose of not wasting anything, how great is that! I am especially head over heels for this two piece set, which I just had to have! They also sent the package in 100% cardboard AND the fabrics are organic cotton. I have been wearing this set a lot recently, as you may have seen on my Instagram.

Anyway, I like to support initiatives such as this one, though it was tough, as this was my first piece of new clothing in over a year. I will continue to thrift my heart out but I hope this set will give me lots of joy for years and years to come.

This set was received as a gift, however all thought and words are honest and my own.

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  1. Ohhh, I love this outfit! The pattern of the two-piece is really cool.


  2. Cool bag for a young lady, not business style but perfect for summer time city walk.

  3. Hej Gittemarie

    First of all, thank you for an inspirational and aesthetically beautiful blog.

    I am too very interested in zero waste and a more sustainable living, both for the environment and for all living creatures. I have therefore been travelling and working around the world, to get inspiration and meet like-minded people. I am now saving up to go to a school for sustainable living, and will therefore be spending most of my summer together with my family in the northern part of Jutland, around Frederikshavn, Strandby and Aalborg. I think that I remember you mentioning that you have been living there before, so I wanted to ask you if you know of any good places around here to gather more inspiration and to share ideas, dreams and tips with other “earth-hippies” 😉 . If you know of any good places to shop second-hand, local produce or know of any cool activities or places in the area it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance and I hope you are enjoying the spring in Denmark 🙂

    Big hugs

  4. Wow! What a stylish hat. This is a perfect summer outfit. Loved it.

  5. Thanks for the information.

  6. Gorgeous look in this stylish dress and i like hat….nice post.
    Designer lehenga choli

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