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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Seasonal Treasures // Free Decor

Hello Everybody! As you may know, if you follow me on Instagram, that I got engaged! It was truly one of the most beautiful moments of my life, but I will make tons of posts about that – including zero waste wedding guides and inspo! Today’s post is all about finding beauty in small things. I love to pick up small flowers or herbs and put the water, or dry them. They do a great job brightening up the flat and if you dry them, they can last a long time! Some of the flowers in this post is over a year old! In addition to this, I also love finding small vases or glass containers to hold the mini decor, all is thrifted in terms of my apartment decoration! The prettiest things are usually what we normally take for granted.

Monday, March 7, 2016

If You Are A Zero Waster You Know That…


…The day is saved when you find a new product in bulk …That you want to hit someone when you say ‘no straw please’ and they bring you a straw anyway … How awful it feels to buy something in a jar with an extra plastic lid underneath …The unpredictable lifespan of organic carrots …That your life is complete when a brand switches from plastic packaging to glass or cardboard …That you always have trouble with storing bread for more than two days. ..The feel of waiting for your basil to grow so you can make pasta sauce …That forgetting a canvas bag is pretty much for worst day ever …That look you get when people think that you’re crazy, but you don’t care …How ice cubs can be a challenge …The feeling of being that one person at the farmer’s market everyone knows you, and you know them …The feeling of disappointment when you buy something in cardboard and they hid the plastic bag inside, yeah Bugles I am talking to you …That the best feeling in the world, is coming home with all you package free goods, laying the all on a table and gazing at your victory!  

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Outfit Of The Day // Oldie

Hello everybody! I realised recently that it has been forever since my last outfit post, so I got moving and shot today’s second hand styles! Two weeks I found this grandpa-looking blazer in a vintage shop, dead cheap. So I picked it up and I have been using it a light jacket, a purpose which it fulfills perfectly. I hope you guys have a wonderful day!

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