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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Zero Waste Dental Hygiene // Plastic Free Alternatives

Hello everyone! I thought I would do a collective post, gathering all information about zero waste alternatives to all things related to dental hygiene, so here goes.

Homemade Toothpaste: The first thing I made when I got into zero waste was toothpaste – see the recipe here, because it was super easy! I was actually quite happy with it at first but soon I grew tired of it and ended up serious dreading that part of the day, as I got nauseous from the mixture. Although I know a lot of people how simply love it, so give it a go before you say no!

Bamboo Toothbrush: I researched many brands and I found that most brands use non-compostable bristles, which is sad. However, I still like my brush, get it here.  This is one of the things which makes a huge impact and it is so easy to make the switch to a eco-friendly brush, just do it now!

Dental Tabs: Something I tried recently, but gazed at several times, are dental tabs! As I grew tired of homemade toothpaste, this is just great! I made a video review where I go into mere detail – watch it here! They came from Monomeer.de in a paper bag and they have a great mint taste!

Compostable floss: I never flossed, which is so stupid, but now where there is no excuse and I going to! This floss made from silk and covered in beeswax is amazing, and compostable! What is not to love! So far I have only seen it one place and it is here!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

How To Zero Waste On The Road

Hello everyone! Today I am going on a trip, so I will be gone until Sunday. For this occasion I thought I would show you what I choose to bring along. It is not very much, as I hate to carry a lot of luggage. Firstly, I like to bring a few items in case I run into a not-zero-waste-friendly-situation, in that case I can just whip out my jar, or my straw or a fork or a napkin, score!  I like to carry a small amount of beauty products, which include a deodorant, my eyebrow shadow and my homemade concealer. In context of tools I will be bringing my toothbrush, of course, along with my stainless steel razor, and an unwrapped bar of soap, a crochet needle, for the dreads, you know, and a nail clipper. All of this can fit in my hand bag, which is awesome!

I will be updating my Instagram while I am away, so be sure to follow me on @Gittemary. All the best of vibes to you!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Thrift Haul // Clothes and Kitchen Supplies

Hello everybody! I am currently making more videos than blog posts, that is a new one for me, surely. Anyway I have been super busy, but luckily, I have something up my sleeve very soon. In the meantime you may check out my recent videos, for instance this collective thrift haul! Side note: some of you gave me the advice to always give something away whenever you purchased ‘new’ stuff, that is thrifted stuff in my case. So I did, I donated about 15 kilos of clothes and shoes to a charity and it felt awesome not only because these things will end up in better places but also because my own closet is a lot less cluttered now, win-win! Anyway, I hope you guys have an awesome day!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Food Diary // Three Days of Zero Waste Food

Hello Everybody! I have been documenting my food over the last three days, so here it is, this month’s food diary! Day one: I started off with pancakes in bed, I wish I could start every day like that, it was topped off with a delicious homemade blueberry jam that my boyfriend made from overripe berries! During the day I snacked a bit mango and some elderberry infused water, yummy! For dinner I made my own tortilla with a ton of guaca, favourite thing ever, leftover chicken and salsa, lovely.

Day two: Freshly squeezed orange juice is the best way to start the day, seriously. Later I made myself a banana smoothie with blueberry and cocoa, over all, a rather successful combination. Dinner-wise I fried some rice with garlic, spring onion and leeches. Quite simple and quite delicious!

Day three: Mango and lemon infused water for breakfast, which is something I actually do quite often. For lunch I grabbed the left-overs from the day before and topped it off with some hot sauce! The best thing ever happened for dinner – homemade calzone, bloody good! My calzone had spaghetti bolognese inside, it is rather hard to top that and it was the perfect endning to my food diary!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Zero Waste // When Living Your Parents

Hello everybody! Today I am simply checking in with a new video, I really hope you like it! Although I learned about the zero waste concept after I moved out from home, I thought you guys would still like my take on how living waste-free at your parent’s house can be done. In addition to the steps and tricks I talked about in my other videos like How To Be Zero Waste In School/At Work and Zero Waste – Beginner’s Tips, you can combine the different messages of the videos. I wish everyone an awesome day!

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