Food Diary // Three Days of Zero Waste Food

Hello Everybody! I have been documenting my food over the last three days, so here it is, this month’s food diary! Day one: I started off with pancakes in bed, I wish I could start every day like that, it was topped off with a delicious homemade blueberry jam that my boyfriend made from overripe berries! During the day I snacked a bit mango and some elderberry infused water, yummy! For dinner I made my own tortilla with a ton of guaca, favourite thing ever, leftover chicken and salsa, lovely.

Day two: Freshly squeezed orange juice is the best way to start the day, seriously. Later I made myself a banana smoothie with blueberry and cocoa, over all, a rather successful combination. Dinner-wise I fried some rice with garlic, spring onion and leeches. Quite simple and quite delicious!

Day three: Mango and lemon infused water for breakfast, which is something I actually do quite often. For lunch I grabbed the left-overs from the day before and topped it off with some hot sauce! The best thing ever happened for dinner – homemade calzone, bloody good! My calzone had spaghetti bolognese inside, it is rather hard to top that and it was the perfect endning to my food diary!


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