How To Zero Waste On The Road

Hello everyone! Today I am going on a trip, so I will be gone until Sunday. For this occasion I thought I would show you what I choose to bring along. It is not very much, as I hate to carry a lot of luggage. Firstly, I like to bring a few items in case I run into a not-zero-waste-friendly-situation, in that case I can just whip out my jar, or my straw or a fork or a napkin, score!  I like to carry a small amount of beauty products, which include a deodorant, my eyebrow shadow and my homemade concealer. In context of tools I will be bringing my toothbrush, of course, along with my stainless steel razor, and an unwrapped bar of soap, a crochet needle, for the dreads, you know, and a nail clipper. All of this can fit in my hand bag, which is awesome!

I will be updating my Instagram while I am away, so be sure to follow me on @Gittemary. All the best of vibes to you!

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