Four Zero Waste Tips for Food Storage

Hello everybody! I touched on the subject a bit on Instagram yesterday, however, I wanted to make an entire blog post as well. I’ve heard so many people talk about how THE way to keep veggies crisp for the longest time is by storing it in plastic bags. I personally am doing fine without plastic, so here are my four tips for food storage, especially in the fridge. 1// Water – store leafy greens in a glass – this spinach was crisp for over a week btw.  2// Sometimes the veggies will stay fine without any packaging – just see how it goes, in 1 out 10 instances, it is perfect without plastic storage. 3// If it does need storage – use jars, lunch boxes what ever non-disposable thing you can find.  4// But what about the freezer? I freeze in glass jars, the trick is to leave about a 5 cm air in the top – that way the glass will not break. Do you have any tips for zero waste food storage, leave them in the comment section below, have an awesome day!


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  1. nice post! why the hell should someone ever use plastic wrap? what’s wrong with putting a plate on a bowl?
    you can also store most other veggies in water glasses like carrots or celery stalks
    i sometimes freeze things in cloth bags or napkins, if space is rare. slightly wet they are as fine to wrap lettuce and co in the fridge.

  2. Hello!

    When you store leafy greens in mason jars, do you leave them out at room temperature, or do you refrigerate them? Thank you!

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