Zero Waste Recipe // Plantbased Tacos


Hello Everybody! I am simply checking in with an awesome inspirational recipe-ish post! Yesterday night I had one of my favourite things – tacos! I have a few must-haves when it comes to creating my perfect taco, btw check out my recipe on how to make a zero waste tortilla here, anyway, spinach is a must, so is cucumber and guac, of course, don’t forget the guac. All the veggies where from my favourite green grocer and I posted a picture on Instagram with the basket and the veggies, as you see above. I am also a sucker for salsa and I will post a zero waste recipe on how to make that soon. I will say I am not above sprinkling a bit of cheddar on top as well, but of course that is completely optional. Great vibes to all of you and leave a comment down below telling my what your favourite taco consists of! 


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  1. I love the way you shoot the picts xD

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