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Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Day of Zero Waste Food

Hello Everybody! I thought it was about time I took you guys through some of the typical recipes and dishes that I make in the everyday zero waste life. I would like to add that sometimes my fiance makes these and not me, but I am bloody supportive still. Breakfast // Usually contains a lot of fruit or veggies. I never liked a heavy breakfast, so it is usually quite light. I also like to snack fruit during the day or for lunch. Lunch // When there is homemade bread – I am there! My favourite is this one with rosemary and sea salt on top. It is made with flour, water, olive oil and yeast, very basic, but the rosemary and chunks of sea salt is the cherry on top! Dinner // This varies a lot, some time it is all plant-based and some times not, but this is one of my favourite dishes! Falafel made with cauliflower and chickpeas, tons of paprika, garlic and herbs! On the side, is corn on the cob, it is just the season right now, so they are incredibly tasty, and pan fried cabbage. Snacks // As I said, I love home baking, so this snack is a fave as well. Zero waste chocolate chip cookies! The chocolate is from a bulk container and the eggs are local, just a simple basic recipe but all the ingredients came without plastic! Comment down below and tell me about your favourite zero waste recipes, I would love to try them out! 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Plastic Free // Stainless Steel Picnic Trays

Stainless steel tray at Stille-Ro

Hello everybody! During Summer,  I like to go on trips and picnics in my area, and I have been dragging all my stuff from home with me in order to avoid plastic. It can be nerve wrecking, as I have experienced going home with a broken plate, or glass. Therefore, I like to spice things up with specific out-door zero waste equipment. It can be an old plate from the thrift store, it can be a napkin, the eco lunch box works great as a plate as well, or it can be a stainless steel tray, which also functions as a multi-purpose device! I also use it for snacks when I have guests, or when I am staying in bed eating breakfast, it is quite handy in fact. What would you use it for?

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Zero Waste Recipe // Canned Tomatoes

Hello everybody! I am all about zero waste recipes at the moment, so I hope you will find this useful. Last time my fiance and I went to the Farmer’s Marked we bought a huge batch of tomatoes, 8 kilos actually.  You can get canned tomatoes almost without plastic, but I would like to avoid it, as the inside of these cans contain BPA in the plastic lining, not cool. Why not make my own ‘canned’ tomatoes, well sure, lets to this!

Btw make sure that the jars you use are made to withstand high temperatures, otherwise I am pretty sure you will have a bloody mess on your hands. Heat the oven to about 200 degrees Celsius and when you take the jars out, don’t burn your fingers, close the lid immediately.  Then the tomatoes should be good for several months, therefore we’ll be making another batch or two, so we have enough during Autumn and Winter.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Plastic Free Alternatives to Straws

Flax straws from Stille-ro // Steel straws from Stille-ro  //  Glass straws from Naturebaby


Hello everybody! I have been using plastic free alternatives to straws for over 1 ½ year now. In that context I have heard loads of different reasons for why plastic free straws are not practical, so today, I will put these excuses to rest. Glass straws // These I use at home, I rarely bring them with me, as I am afraid they will break; but at home, they are not only easy to clean and extremely pretty to look at. Steel // I often bring a steel straw with me, it will not break, it is smaller and practical. Flax // This is my newest addition, as the critique of the other kinds is usually related to something like “they will hurt children” or “if hosting a party it is expensive to supply straws for everyone” and to that I can only say: “Flax straws!” Children can bite into them without getting hurt, and they are compostable and fairly unprocessed. I would recommend them for children birthday parties, where they would prove extremely effective. I would also use them at a dinner party or simply bring one with me in my purse, as similar alternative is bamboo straws, which I do not own, but they will work as well.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Video // Zero Waste Kitchen Tour

Zero Waste // elder flower soda                                   Zero Waste // orange soda

Hello everyone! A few days ago I finally filmed my kitchen tour! I really hope you like it. I am aware that I am not the best minimalist there is, in fact I never used those words about my apartment nor my self, but even though there is a lot a stuff, everything has a purpose and everything is thrifted or second hand, of course. I talk about my soda streamer in the video, and in that context, I am linking you to my soda recipes, I hope you will find them useful. Good vibes and take care!


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