A Day of Zero Waste Food

Hello Everybody! I thought it was about time I took you guys through some of the typical recipes and dishes that I make in the everyday zero waste life. I would like to add that sometimes my fiance makes these and not me, but I am bloody supportive still. Breakfast // Usually contains a lot of fruit or veggies. I never liked a heavy breakfast, so it is usually quite light. I also like to snack fruit during the day or for lunch. Lunch // When there is homemade bread – I am there! My favourite is this one with rosemary and sea salt on top. It is made with flour, water, olive oil and yeast, very basic, but the rosemary and chunks of sea salt is the cherry on top! Dinner // This varies a lot, some time it is all plant-based and some times not, but this is one of my favourite dishes! Falafel made with cauliflower and chickpeas, tons of paprika, garlic and herbs! On the side, is corn on the cob, it is just the season right now, so they are incredibly tasty, and pan fried cabbage. Snacks // As I said, I love home baking, so this snack is a fave as well. Zero waste chocolate chip cookies! The chocolate is from a bulk container and the eggs are local, just a simple basic recipe but all the ingredients came without plastic! Comment down below and tell me about your favourite zero waste recipes, I would love to try them out! 


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  1. I would LOVE your recipe for the falafel! That all looks so delicious!

  2. Your rosemary bread looks gorgeous! What recipe did you use?

    1. A very simple one, water, salt, flour and yeast 🙂

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