One Box // Five Purposes

Eco Lunch Box at Naturlig

Hello everyone! This morning I posted a picture on my Instagram account, showing you my morning nice cream, which made me thinking – how many different purposes does my stainless steel lunch box in fact fulfill? Well, it is a whole lot, so here goes. 1// It functions as my lunch box, naturally. 2// Ordinary plate, either for eating at home or at the university, I usually bring the bottom part, which then serves as a plate, neat. 3// To-go container, I use it at fast food places for take-out or to hold left over food at a restaurant. 4// Berry picking container, it is super easy to bring on a walk or hike, in case you run into some wild berries, and this purpose can be combined with previous purposes.  5// Freezing container, as I demonstrated this morning, the stainless steel box works great when freezing nice cream or other goodies!  My point here is, if one focuses on purchasing products that can serve several functions at once, one will naturally declutter the kitchen cabinet and minimise the waste in one’s everyday life. Do you have any other functions which an Eco Lunch Box may fulfill? Have a great day everyone! 


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