Plastic Free Alternatives to Straws

Flax straws from Stille-ro // Steel straws from Stille-ro  //  Glass straws from Naturebaby


Hello everybody! I have been using plastic free alternatives to straws for over 1 ½ year now. In that context I have heard loads of different reasons for why plastic free straws are not practical, so today, I will put these excuses to rest. Glass straws // These I use at home, I rarely bring them with me, as I am afraid they will break; but at home, they are not only easy to clean and extremely pretty to look at. Steel // I often bring a steel straw with me, it will not break, it is smaller and practical. Flax // This is my newest addition, as the critique of the other kinds is usually related to something like “they will hurt children” or “if hosting a party it is expensive to supply straws for everyone” and to that I can only say: “Flax straws!” Children can bite into them without getting hurt, and they are compostable and fairly unprocessed. I would recommend them for children birthday parties, where they would prove extremely effective. I would also use them at a dinner party or simply bring one with me in my purse, as similar alternative is bamboo straws, which I do not own, but they will work as well.


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  1. Mine are bamboo, they work fine!

  2. I’ve never heard of flax straws before, they look like a good idea! I love my stainless steel straw, I’ve had it for about 3 years now!

  3. How are the flaw straws made????

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