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Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Apartment Glimpses

Hello everybody! Now I am finally alomst set in the new place so I thought I would show you guys some snapshots of the place. Everything is secondhand, heirlooms, homemade or just really old, which is how I like my decor. Some of the stuff belongs to my finance and I really like how our two styles merge. I promise I will make a real house tour video at some point, but for now, you must settle for glimpses. I hope you all will have a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Zero Waste Creativity // The Canvas Bag

Hello everyone! It has been close to an eternity since my last post, but as you may have seen on my latest Instagram post, I just moved! Not very far away from my previous flat, but I now have a little garden and lot more space! Side tracked for a minute, but I am looking so much forward to showing you guys my new place!

However, today I want to talk about the creative aspect of Zero Waste. Since saying no to disposables and plastic materials results in finding new and alternative solutions to whatever problems one may have, I thought I would address the subject of creative alternatives involving the legendary canvas bag! I want to list the different things I have used my canvas bags for, and perhaps try to inspire others to refuse disposables! 1// Naturally, the canvas bag is a great alternative to plastic bags, obviously. 2// I have often used my canvas bag as a purse as well, that way I always have one with me in case I need to pick up some stuff. 3// Gift wrapping, this may sound a bit odd to some, but for the past two years I have only given gifts wrapped in a reusable bag. Gift wrapping is just fancy trash and people always seem to appreciate the mindfulness of the thought behind refusing waste. 4// Bulk shopping, I always use canvas bags when weighing nuts, sweets, bread or other light-weight bulk objects. 5// Storage, I usually store different kinds of recyclables in different canvas bags, cardboard or paper for instance, it is a nice and practical way of organising your recycling system! 6// I also tend to use my beloved canvas bag as an over-night bag whenever I go on small trips, it is handy, as it, once unpacked, can serve other purposes. 7// Whenever I am out I also end up using my canvas bag as a napkin, instead of the disposables ones. After all, it can go in the wash. 8// Whenever I take my Eco Lunch Box out I always tie a canvas bag around it, in case of spillage. 9// Canvas bags that are way too used up become cut up cloths instead, they are perfect for cleaning! 10 // During my move I have replaced several cardboard boxes with canvas for my clothes and other everyday stuff, they are great for packing the essentials and easy to move. It is particularly handy in my situation, as I have so many of them! Bonus tip: You can also wrap canvas bags or cloths around glass and plates so they don’t break during the move. If everything is going to be pack down anyway you might as well use the full potential of the bags, instead of buying expensive packaging for fragile objects.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Zero Waste Fridge

Instagram @Gittemary

Hello everybody! I am so excited, I am moving in eight days, gosh. Because of this, almost everything has been packed down, so I have very limited access to my stuff, therefore, we must do with a flashback. I thought I would talk a bit about the zero waste fridge. These picture are all from my Instagram, so remember to follow me if you want more fridge shots. As you can see, the primary element is veggies and fruit, because I eat a lot of vegetables everyday. As I talked about in my videos I do still eat some meat, but it is not very often. Sometimes I have fish in the fridge, which my fiancee has caught himself. If I buy anything processed it comes in a glass container, like the cheese spread, if it does not – I make it myself, like the salsa or chocolate spread. I store all my food left overs and dishes in glass jars instead of plastic bags and boxes, and regarding the veggies, I never wrap them in plastic, they keep fine and nothing smells bad. I find that when storing greens and so on, plastic wrapping has become completely unnecessary. What does your fridge look like?

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Why Am I Making Things So Difficult?

1// Package free groceries from my local market 2// Oranges and squeeze tool for homemade orange juice 3// Home baked bread served with homemade jam 4// Homemade soda, recipe here 5// Homemade canned tomatoes, recipe here

Hello everybody! During my Zero Waste journey, there is one question that keeps coming up: “Why do you want to make things so hard for yourself?” I thought I would address this subject today. The thing is I do not see Zero Waste as a way of making things harder for myself, on the contrary, I am making things so much simpler. By saying no to pre-packaged and processed foods, I also say no to tons of trash, thoughts and worries. It seems to me that eliminating such distractions from your life make it so much easier to spot the real values. Through Zero Waste I have had to make most foods from scratch, stuff you would usually buy in the supermarket, stuff like, canned tomatoes, pasta, tortilla, salsa, soda, bread, jam, juice, makeupchocolate spread and so much more. Of course it takes time, time not all people have everyday, I realise that, but I think I have learned an important lesson from making everything myself. I find a new appreciation for the food I eat, and make. Then it is not only about feeling full, it is about doing something nice for yourself. With the time one puts into meal preparation – a portion of respect for that food comes along with it, independant of what one chooses to eat.  I have realised that making something everyday normalises it completely. If you have chocolate cake everyday it ceases to be special. However, by making great things in smaller portions, or less frequently, it stays special. An example is my freshly squeezed orange juice, which I talked about earlier today, I make it, with my wooden tool, a couple of times a week, sometimes less – and it is the highlight of my day. Because not only is the quality so much better, but the joy I get from putting an extra effort into my food is extreme satisfying. Food and meal preparation can be the most dreadful time a day, and something purely practical, but it can also be the spice that gives you a whole new outlook on life. What do you choose? 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Video // Zero Waste Beauty Routine

Hello everybody! I made a new video a few days ago and I hope you will like it! In order to stay waste free in terms of makeup and beauty, I have made a lot of products my self and if you are interested in the recipes they are all listed in the video description. Enjoy!