No Trash // Zero Waste Lunch Options

Hello everyone! Now that I started to have lectures again, I will be spending a lot of time at the university, which means, I will be eating a lot of meals outside my home. Luckily, there are several zero waste options when it comes to either eating out or bringing food along for the day. The light and easy solution // Sometimes, I just bring a lid from a lunchbox – I can use as a plate, along with my small ‘spork’, I can fit everything in a small handbag. If I want to go ultra-light, I bring a canvas bag as a plate, although that is only for stuff like bread and cake. The medium sized option // If I want heavier meals or simply both want food and water – I bring a jar. A jar is handy as it doubles as both a container for food AND for liquids. The heavy version // If I am out for a looong time or simply want to bring a more invasive meal with me, I go big! I go for my eco lunch box options, which of course require more room in a larger bag, but it looks stylish as hell and it is extremely practical (I sometimes bring dinner with me from the cafeteria). It takes so little effort to actually make a difference, bring your own plate and avoid single-use plastic ! What kind of lunch container do you prefer?


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