Monthly Archives: October 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Danish Video // Zero Waste Introduction

Hello everybody! Some time ago, I made a video with a super amazing film crew. I am so proud of the result so I wanted to share it with you! For all my non-Danish speaking followers, I made subtitles for you, all by myself. I really hope you like it! Also, if you want to keep yourself updated on my videos, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I am starting to be a lot more frequent and regular on this channel, and as you may notice – even more than here. Peace out and take care!


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Homemade Pasta Recipes

Hello everyone! I said in my latest cooking video, that I wanted to make two kinds of pasta, one made with eggs and one made with water. Both taste super great but they are quite different. I often use the eggs based pasta for Italian dishes, as it works very well with tomato. The water based noodle recipe is amazing for Asian dishes and I often eat it with curry. The method is exactly the same, and you can see how I make the pasta in this video. For the water based pasta, one cup of water replaces an egg, or almost. It is really the easiest to try and see what happens with the pasta dough. But remember, fresh pasta only needs about 1 minute or less in boiling water, nothing like that store bought stuff, no no. Economically, making pasta yourself will not be very efficient, however the quality is much better. Also, store bought pasta always comes in plastic bags, so it is a great very of avoiding trash.


Monday, October 10, 2016

Life Update // Food, Tattoos, Cat and Plants

My latest video // My Instagram

Hello everyone! The blog has been soooo quiet for quite some time, so now, I trying to improve the day to day blogging ratio. Okay, I thought I would start off by talking a bit about what has happened during September, both in terms of Zero Waste and my whole personal situation.  First of all, I put out a new video talking about the importance of making sustainability mainstream, watch it if you want, right here, I also talk a bit about the “Why I am not a vegan video”, which some of you requested. In terms of sustainability, I have been meat-free for a whole week today. I do not know how permanent this is and I do not want to set long term goals, but I am having fun with it and my body feels amazing. It is a vegetarian diet, so I do still eat eggs and so on. Head over to instagram to follow the process more closely. Other news, I got a cat! Her name is Lovis, she is a Norwegian forest cat, so her fur will grow super thick and long. She is super social and loves to cuddle, perfect mate for me! In terms of personal news, I also added a new tattoo to my collection, it is a space landscape in dot work and I am thinking about expanding it at some point, but for now, I just love it the way it is! Lastly, I am playing around with regrowing vegetables, and I am thinking about making a video, however it seems to be a lot of work to film, so for now I hope you will do with pictures only. Please, continue to comment video and blogpost ideas, I always like to know what you guys want to see!