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Hello everyone! The blog has been soooo quiet for quite some time, so now, I trying to improve the day to day blogging ratio. Okay, I thought I would start off by talking a bit about what has happened during September, both in terms of Zero Waste and my whole personal situation.  First of all, I put out a new video talking about the importance of making sustainability mainstream, watch it if you want, right here, I also talk a bit about the “Why I am not a vegan video”, which some of you requested. In terms of sustainability, I have been meat-free for a whole week today. I do not know how permanent this is and I do not want to set long term goals, but I am having fun with it and my body feels amazing. It is a vegetarian diet, so I do still eat eggs and so on. Head over to instagram to follow the process more closely. Other news, I got a cat! Her name is Lovis, she is a Norwegian forest cat, so her fur will grow super thick and long. She is super social and loves to cuddle, perfect mate for me! In terms of personal news, I also added a new tattoo to my collection, it is a space landscape in dot work and I am thinking about expanding it at some point, but for now, I just love it the way it is! Lastly, I am playing around with regrowing vegetables, and I am thinking about making a video, however it seems to be a lot of work to film, so for now I hope you will do with pictures only. Please, continue to comment video and blogpost ideas, I always like to know what you guys want to see!


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