How To Deal With Non-Zero Waste Gifts?

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Hello everybody! I got a few questions on Instagram about the notion of Christmas and what to do with gifts and so on. I thought I would address that today. Something I always do around situations where gift giving is in order, is that I express wishes and preferences beforehand. I try to do as much as I can to let the people close to me know that the matter of waste and trash is something that I care deeply about. Trust me, letting people know about your passions and interests will increase the likelihood of reduced trash.

But what if you still get something that is wrapped in plastic, or is made of plastic even? For me it is extremely important to be grateful no matter what, and no lifestyle is worth burnt bridges, as least that is my opinion. I try to pick my battle carefully when I am in situations where trash is produced, because sometimes it is going to happen, to everybody. I try to save the wrapping paper if possible, and I try to, at least, sort the waste so something goes to recycling rather than landfill.

Regarding the gift, I know some people suggested that you could use the non-zero waste gifts to give to other people, however that is not the approach I necessarily want to promote. Of course depending on the size, price and personal thought that is put into the gift, the acceptable next movie changes, but overall, I consider it a bit rude to pass something on immediately after receiving it yourself, just because it doesn’t suit your beliefs. It is easy to seem spoiled or a bit bratty I think. This statement is mostly related to presents with some personal value. On the other hand, if there is talk an item which to both parts proves unimportant, I see no problem returning it, donating it or giving it away. But for me, the most important thing here is avoid hurting the gift-giver’s feelings, so therefore: if there is any chance the gift-giver will get hurt because you did not keep the present, keep it, find use for it. If neither of you are attached to the item then find it a new home.

I hope this made some sort of sense, at least a little bit. This is my personal opinion towards gifts and zero waste and although it might not be shared by everyone, I hope you can see where I am coming from. Be respectful and be kind. Only good vibes from here.


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