My Most Popular Zero Waste Posts // 2016

Hello everybody! We are almost at the end of 2016, therefore I wanted to spend the last few days talking about  how my year went, both in terms of zero waste as well as in posts and videos. This time around, I am taking you guys through some of the most shared, commented, liked, or what else, posts from 2016. If you have not read them yet, the timing is perfect, and if you have, how about a reread? Before going into the actual post – thank you for keeping with me and reading my posts, following my updates and watching my videos. The blog has never had such an amazing following as it has right now, and it keeps growing! I am so grateful for this amazing support and I hope you will stay with me during 2017. All the best vibes from G.

1.Beauty Products You Don’t Need: I wrote this post in mere spite of the amount of makeup, and products, other Youtubers and brands, and who else, want us to believe we need. All bollocks to say it clearly. I have been using coconut oil as an alternative – that is truly a neat way of saving a ton of packaging and waste.

2. Plastic Free Hair and Skin Care With Isangs: Keeping with the theme of beauty and skincare, I fell completely in love with Isangs this year. I also used the cocoa butter and shea butter (in naked packaging!) from Isangs to create my own homemade whipped body butter. I am so fond of their shampoo bars as well as their oils and butters, still one of my favourite stores.

3. Zero Waste Food Diary: These posts have been so requested this year, I really like making them, so that is fantastic! I love showing you guys how I manage my zero waste lifestyle on an everyday basis. So please, if you want posts like this in the future, don’t be afraid to ask. Food Diary 1 // // 3 // // 5

4. Why I Only Need 1 Pair of Jeans: You guys really liked my whole minimalist wardrobe talk. I am still scaling down on clothes, but during 2016 I found that I only need one pair of jeans, which I take bloody good care, may I note. I also talk a lot about what my wardrobe looked like before I went zero waste.

5. What To Do With Left-Over Veggies?: Lastly, a food tip. I do not like throwing stuff away, not before I am completely certain that I have no other use for it. In this last post, I give my tips on how to make those left-overs last, whilst finding neat ways to use veggie scraps.


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