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Homemade body butter recipe

Hello everybody! Just a quick update to wish you all a merry Christmas, aaaand to show you what I spent yesterday making. I made a new batch of my homemade body butter, my second batch that is. The first one lasted a year, which is crazy! The other thing I made is a homemade lip scrub, which can be used as a body scrub as well, if you have enough of it. I have been thinking about the recipe for some time now, and it turned out so great! I am making a recipe video in January, so stay tuned. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and I will see you over on Instagram, where I will be posting a bit today and tomorrow. All the good vibes from me to you!


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  1. Hi Mary !

    A deep thank you for your videos and articles !
    I’m so glad to see that this Life style and way of thinking is growing up 🙂
    I’m french and there is a family in our country who tries to be “almost zero waste” and shares their experiences in a blog and they are quite funny, maybe you can find some tips too there 😉

    Please keep on sharing what you do it’s so great !

    Happy new year 2017 to you, with lots of joy, happiness , love & serenity !

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