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Hello everybody! Recently, I started a series on my YouTube channel where I react to my old Instagram posts, I personally think it is so funny, but also a great way to think about your past consumption and so on. If you are interested in transitioning into zero waste, then go back and see what kind of things you used to buy and use, then look for alternatives to those problems now. This time I am exclusively talking about beauty products, and god, there is a a lot to talk about. I feel almost ashamed of the massive amount of products I took pride in having. I’ve put in some reference pictures with my zero waste alternatives. All my old posts are still public, both on Instagram and on here as well. If you want to know more about my decision to let these (quite hilarious) posts stay public then read this post -> “Why Are Your Old Posts Still Public?”.


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  1. Sooo, so true – I still have a problem with hoarding too many products, even as I’ve cut back in many other areas of our household. Thanks for sharing!

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