Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

Hello everybody! Just because it is the season, waste is still waste, and during December a lot of gift wrapping trash is made. Shiny shitty paper, bows in plastic, sparkles, glitter, greeting cards – there are so many possibilities to make unnecessary trash. But maybe this will inspire you to seek out alternative wrapping options. I only decorate and wrap gift in reusable composting materials, the first of which (the one above) is wrapped in a piece of cloth I had laying around, tied together with a piece of flax string, no tape needed! Lastly, I’ve decorated it with some spruce and other greens. There is room of a biodegradable greeting card, but I did not have one. You can also reuse a little piece of cardboard for this.

The next present is wrapped in a canvas bag, this option is what I usually go for because it is two gifts in one! By giving away canvas bags people will start using them. Of course if you don’t have one to spare, just ask to have it back. I never had any trouble with this method. I wrapped it together with a decorative piece of string with Danish cotton flags on it, this will naturally be reused over and over again.

Lastly, another canvas bag option. This one is much smaller, but has its own closing function, making it ideal for gift wrapping. Topping it off with some green decor really makes it look super festive. I know there are tons of super fancy other options, but this is how I do it. It is simple and clean and sustainable and that is all it needs to be. I know sustainability is not the first thing on most people’s’ minds, but it should be. Even during Christmas, it is SO easy to find alternatives to make your holidays a little more festive and a little less wasteful.

By the way, if you are Danish go check out Sustain Daily’s Christmas calendar, it will give a new tip every day on how to be a little more eco-friendly. Make this year about nice experiences and lovely memories and not about consumption and trash.


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  1. What great ideas! I think I’ll do the canvas bag thing. Though it doesn’t look as elegant as “normal” presents, it sure won’t be thrown out.

  2. Hej

    Det var nogle gode idéer og flotte billeder. Jeg er lige begyndt at følge din blog og glæder mig til at se mere. Ha’ en fin fredag aften.

  3. I love the flag-decoration. I love to use gift-decor that can ved used over and over again. This year I tried to wrap at present in a table cloth and it looked sooo pretty! Next year I am gonna do sustainable wrapping with all my gifts. Sometimes I make my own gift cards out of paper or cardboard scraps:-)

  4. Love the idea of reusing wasting warping papers into beautiful decorative for gift wraps. These treads looks amazing to me and a canvas bag totally makes presents to the whole new next level of creativeness and innovation. Good job done!

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