How To Make Zero Waste Cat Food

Hello everybody! As a follow up on my latest video “Zero Waste Cat“, I wanted to address the homemade cat food even further. As you may know, if you follow me anywhere, I have quit meat, the store bought kind. I have no issue the catching your fish or shooting your own bird but that is a whole other thing. ANYWAY, my fiancee sometimes hits the butcher shop, as he still has some meat every now and again, but we try to get the most use out of the pieces we get. A great way to use those scraps and fat pieces is to boil them into cat food. You know, exactly like the canned store bought kind. Mix the meat pieces with some water and boil it for a few hours, we usually take 3 hours to make it. Due to fat, natural gelatine and what not the mixture will “harden” when it cools. Your cat simply loves it, just stay clear of bones as they can break and injure your fluffy creature. There you have it, you avoid throwing food out and you get a very happy cat!


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