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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Plastic Free Beauty // Zero Waste Makeup

So Eco Makeup Brushes // Monomeer Lipstick 

Hello Everyone! I know I have talked about this a bunch of times, or a thousand, but I still think it is pretty important, if you wear makeup that is. Essentially, makeup is a luxury and not something we need per se. However, I would like to argue that wearing makeup for me personally is related directly to feeling more secure and confident – honest talk. But feeling pretty should not compromise sustainability and plastic free living, which is why I don’t wear nail polish or use hair spray among other things.

Maybe you already know, but I make a lot of my own makeup. My bronzer, blush and foundation powder which I use everyday is homemade, and super easy as well. My mascara production has really been an experiment, but the last batch I made I am so happy about.

Homemade Foundation Powder // Homemade Blush // Homemade Mascara

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bulk Shopping In A Small Town

My visit to LØS // Watch the video

Hello everybody! I get the same questions a lot, one of them is often related to package free grocery shopping and how I manage whilst living in a small town (read smaller than Copenhagen). During my visit to the bulk store LØS, I got to stock up on items that are near impossible to find in my local area. Items like spices, or generally dry ingredients are very hard to come by in bulk where I live, so I got tons while I could. I hope we someday get a bulk store in Aalborg, because that would be so amazing! So what to do when not everything is available in bulk? Make conscious choices as a consumer – look for more eco friendly packaging like metal or glass containers, look for local produce, or fair trade options. Minimising plastic is only one important part of zero waste. I believe that making conscious decisions within the context of the opportunities that are available to you are the most important part of any eco-friendly lifestyle – if that makes any sense. Well, all good vibes to you and take good care of yourself and your surroundings!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Zero Waste Travel Tips

Hello everyone! Last week I posted a lot about my trip to Copenhagen. I went to give a lecture on Zero Waste, as well as to work with several green initiatives around town, and I have videos from the whole trip on my channel so definitely check them out! I am here today to talk a bit about eco friendly travel tips, or specifically how to produce less trash when travelling – btw you can see all the tips in action in the video below!

Bring reusable food containers and utensils – preferably in sizes that make them useable for several types of food. I usually travel with a canvas bag specifically for dry foods and either a glass or stainless steel container for either smaller or wetter foods.  If you buy food on the go, then ask them to put it directly into your own container. Of course it is way better to prepare your own food before leaving your house, so if you can then do that.

Pick train rides over airplanes – if that is an option for you. Personally, I have always loved train rides and it is a lot more eco friendly, obviously.

Borrow library books or games – this is more of a general life hack then a travel tip, but try borrowing instead of buying. I am a huge sucker for books and sometimes the temptation is too much, but I try to borrow books at the university library whenever I lack some reading material. Borrowed books or games, or movies, are a great way to keep yourself entertained whilst travelling.

Use digital tickets when possible – even the smallest pieces of trash are still trash, and by keeping train tickets or hotel reservations on your phone, tablet or laptop you avoid those damn unrecyclable pieces of waste.

Research green hotels before leaving – why not support green initiatives when you can? I prefer travelling with my values, which is why I enjoy when shops, hotels or restaurants go the extra mile to protect the environment, research for such initiatives near your destination and then make conscious decisions.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bleschu // Lovebirds Plastic Free Box

Bleschu Soap Berries Review

Hello everyone! I got to try out the “lovebirds” box from Bleschu, which a couple’s box in a once-every-two-months subscription service, it is almost as if I planned for this to go up on Valentine’s Day, right? I realise the irony of the situation, as I, in a previous video, mentioned how these monthly subscription boxes are super wasteful, usually because they are filled with crappy travel sized products that you do not need, you can watch the video here btw.

However, when Bleschu offered me this box I was quite intrigued, firstly because the entire box is compostable (except the bristles on the toothbrush, sadly), secondly because these are everyday products and not specific beauty or fashion items. It consists of bamboo and wooden products as well as products made from a plant-based plastic alternative. Compostable and zero micro plastic. Would you consider buying this box?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

My Stay At World’s Greenest Hotel

Hello everyone! As you may know from YouTube and Instagram, I went to Copenhagen for a few days last week, to work with some amazing initiatives and give a lecture. During my time there I stayed at Crowne Plaza at Ørestad. This hotel has been declared World’s most eco friendly hotel, powered by solar energy and with an amazing focus on organic food, wastefulness, and how to avoid it. The hotel is beautiful with their amazing indoor forest btw. In the room we had the option not to have the room cleaned, if there was no need for it and all information about the hotel and its facilities where to be found digitally in order to save paper, yay! Furthermore, the soap came in cardboard packaging which is recyclable AND all mugs and glasses and so on where reusables.