Bulk Shopping In A Small Town

My visit to LØS // Watch the video

Hello everybody! I get the same questions a lot, one of them is often related to package free grocery shopping and how I manage whilst living in a small town (read smaller than Copenhagen). During my visit to the bulk store LØS, I got to stock up on items that are near impossible to find in my local area. Items like spices, or generally dry ingredients are very hard to come by in bulk where I live, so I got tons while I could. I hope we someday get a bulk store in Aalborg, because that would be so amazing! So what to do when not everything is available in bulk? Make conscious choices as a consumer – look for more eco friendly packaging like metal or glass containers, look for local produce, or fair trade options. Minimising plastic is only one important part of zero waste. I believe that making conscious decisions within the context of the opportunities that are available to you are the most important part of any eco-friendly lifestyle – if that makes any sense. Well, all good vibes to you and take good care of yourself and your surroundings!


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