Update // Green Living and Hard Work

Hello everyone! It is almost midnight in Aalborg, but you bet I can still blog, oh yeah. I am currently working hard on getting everything ready for another video for my room tour series, I have been teasing about my “new” kitchen for months, so I think it is about time. In the meantime, why not relax and watch my latest video? Don’t worry I made it easy for you I inserted it down below, you are welcome. I am also writing on my Ebook, slowly but steady, anyway. It is coming together, but with uni and my ordinary blogging and a freaking wedding, time is just not on my side, stupid time. Also, keep inspiring me guys, I love hearing about your zero waste accomplishments and goals, it is amazing what you achieve! Give yourself a thumbs up, because you are nailing this! If you have no idea what I am talking about, I will refer to my previous request and suggest that you watch the video below. Good vibes!


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