Zero Waste Lonely Banana Bread

Hello everyone! Every since I listened to the wonderful tunes of Kathryn from Going Zero Waste’s hit song “Love A Lonely Banana” I have been wanting to share this post with you. Slow process, yes. I made a post last year about how I utilise over-ripe fruit, and I thought this was relevant again. Food waste is always relevant, read the post here btw. But one of my favourite ways to use fruit that is on the verge of going bad is making cake, surprise. Make it look extra fancy by making one vanilla banana dough and one chocolate banana dough, easy peasy. There is really no recipe to it because it is so easy, just mix flour, blended banana, whatever plant or nut milk you may have laying around, sugar and sass (by sass I mean vanilla extract, chocolate or whatever). Bake and let cool, bam cake. I usually eat a slice with peanut butter on top and it is bomb.

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