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Hello everyone! I hope you follow me elsewhere, such as Youtube or Instagram, because this blog is so slow at the moment. I have gradually been loving the video form more and more, and I think it is such a nice way of communicating with you guys.

So, officially the blog is primarily Youtube at this point. I will have this platform open still, and naturally always keep you posted and updated whenever something happens. has been my baby for so many years now, it is quite crazy. But, if you want more frequent updates, take a look at my Youtube channel instead.

Never mind, I am moving! I made three moving vlogs, in which I show you guys my belongings and kitchen equipment, I hope you like the vlogs I do, because they are so much fun to film!



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  1. Congratulations on the move! You have a beautiful home, I love some of your decor picks.

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

  2. Hello,

    I love the brain! Where did you buy it? Hopefully in Aalborg somewhere.

    1. No, it is from a site that sells educational propes form medical students 🙂

      1. Bummer. Which site?

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