My Vegetarian Journey // My Diet Now

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Hello everyone! I recently made a video in which I gave you guys an update on where I am, diet-wise. Giving up meat has not only made it much easier to be zero waste and package-free, but it has also made me feel so much better. I hope you will send good vibes and go easy on me. We should all applaud the small differences and the small changes we all make – as long as we are moving forward and always improving ourselves.


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  1. Thank you for such positive and kind messaging concerning vegetarianism/veganism. This is exactly what the community needs to help promote the cause and truly make a difference. Looking forward to more videos about your journey!

  2. Hi love your channel and your happy vibe. Just wanted to say thank you for the information on zero waste it’s helpful and inspirational too. Have you try squash I love them roasted or curried with sweet potatoe . Here in uk we have loads to choose from a this time of year . Just so yummy

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