The Satisfaction of Refusing // How To Break Bad Consumer Habits

Hello everybody! Recently I went and met up with the lovely, an awesome Danish initiative that provides plastic free alternatives to various everyday items. We talked a lot about consumerism and how satisfying it actually is to take a step back and refuse to contribute to the culture of spontaneous purchases. I thought I would share some of these thoughts with you.

One can, quite frankly, regard the tendency of consumerism as a sort of addiction, you get a rush when you purchase a new item, however the excitement does rarely last very long. Furthermore, it is likely that most people find themselves gradually more excited when purchasing larger products and spending larger amounts money. As a result of this, we need to up the dose every once in awhile to preserve that rush of excitement. However, addictions can be broken, and the process of rewiring one’s head to look past consumerist temptations is something that can be achieved by everyone, with very little effort.

A very rare phenomenon in consumer culture is the ability to simply refuse, it sounds difficult and hard, and unnecessary since everything is always within reach, but taking time to refuse certain items and objects are, for me personally, the healthiest thing I have done in years.  Suddenly, you realise that by filling your existence with useless and materialistic things, you distance yourself further and further from actual goals and values.  The rush you get when you realise that you can walk past a sale or when you notice that you have not bought anything new in a year is a thousand times more satisfying, and it lasts way longer than any rush you have ever gotten from purchasing a trendy products.


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