RIVER BLUE Screening w/ Sustain Daily

Hello everybody! Recently I went to the screening, here in Aalborg, of the new fashion-critical documentary River Blue. This is merely a general shout-out to everyone to go and watch this film if you can. It completely blew me away. It talked about the massive consequences our fast-fashion industry and the consumer’s endless cravings for new things have lead to enormous water pollution damage in the countries that produce these items, and furthermore, the global impact of these local disasters. The fashion industry is one of the world’s largest polluters, however it is easy to not contribute to this wrongdoing.  The documentary also mentions several initiatives that attempt to turn this polluting tendency around, for instance by replacing dangerous chemicals with earth friendly alternatives, like utilising wind power to distress jeans, pretty cool.

I attached pictures of myself in 2012 and 2016 in this blogpost, to showcase my second hand journey and how I have now distanced myself from the fast fashion market. It is not easy for everyone to go completely second hand, however you’ve come a long way by simply boycotting world wide polluting brands like Gap, H&M, Zara etc. Instead spend our money supporting  more earth friendly smaller brands that try to make a difference, both in terms of execution, design, materials and ethics.


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  1. Amazing post! I recently made the conscious decision to switch to second-hand purchasing for my clothes and so far it’s been such an amazing experience. You truly can come across amazing finds at thrift stores. The only ‘downside’ (and it is not even really a downside) to thrift shopping is that it does take more time to go through the items and find the good stuff. I personally enjoy the treasure hunt though ;P
    Toodles from Canada!
    Isabelle (thesewildroots.ca)

  2. Its very inspirering to read about your own journey in zero waste and I subscribed to your channel on youtube! I too, saw the documentary with Sustain daily in Copenhagen and I myself is on a journey towards a more minalistic, sustainable lifestyle. I look foreward to reading more of your posts.

    Kisses Lise

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