Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Visit to Copenhagen Bulk Store LØS

Hello everyone! I visited Copenhagen last week, and I just cannot control myself – I had to go to LØS. It is the Danish bulk store and I am always completely swept away. Furthermore, the trip consisted of wine, delicious food and art – all my favourite things. I brought my own canvas bags and containers from home it was heavy and annoying to bring them along, but in the end it was totally worth it.

I made a video in which I show what products I brought home with me from LØS. I also inserted my first video guide from the place into the video, with all the visual pleasantries that comes with a package free bulk store.


One thought on “A Visit to Copenhagen Bulk Store LØS

  1. Hello, I love your YouTube channel, you are amazing, and so positive! You make my days! I am waiting for your videos about second hand clothing, room tours and zero waste with impatience! I am from Russia and I love second hand. From recent times i am trying to live zero-waste, but it is really hard in our country. We don’t have an oppoturnity to recycle resources, it is really hard, especially in a small cities. And ecological education in our country is low. Also, we have second hand, but it is not like in your country. It is not so cheap, because it comes from other countries, and we have nothing but clothes and shoes. Also it is really hard to find coconut oil, almond milk and etc. I live in Volgograd it is one of the biggest cities in Russia, but we have only one vegetarian shop, and I think it will close soon because it is not popular here and it is also not cheap! Imagine how it is hard to find this stuff?! So, if you know recipes without these ingredients, i would love to know them too! Love your channel it is so optimistic, so interesting and useful! Wish you all the best! 🤗

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