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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

DIY Christmas Gifts

Hello everyone! I recently made a video about my recent thrift finds! I am going to the thrift store quite a lot these days, because I am buying my Christmas present second hand for a low cost and low impact Christmas! However, another thing to do if you want a more conscious and sustainable holiday season is making gifts yourself. I’ve made these small guides to a sugar lip scrub, a lotion and a eye powder. Gifts does not have to be wasteful and harmful to the environment, and the holiday season does not have to represent consumerism – let’s turn that around!

Watch the video guide here

Watch the video guide here

Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Second Hand Home

Hello everyone! I promised in my recent room tour video that I would post some more detailed picture here on blog – that is what I am doing now. I’ve loved turning this little room into my safe space – finding small bits and funny decor items in thrift shops – as well as looking for my bigger items on online second hand sites. As I mentioned in the video, the only thing I would not find within my budget (and time limit) was my bed, but other than that my room is completely second hand, which is the best and most sustainable way to shop.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cooking with Soy // Zero Waste Food

Watch the video here

Hello everyone! Last time I went to LØS I got bulk soy flakes, and I was SO excited to try them out.  I never really cooked with plain soy before, so here is what I did. I rehydrated them in my veggie broth, which is awesome for soup later. Then I put them in the oven with my homemade BBQ sauce which consists of bulk spices, syrup and ketchup, fairly simple. I really went for that crispy plant based buffalo wing type of food and it went quite well. Some of it went in a garlic bread sandwich and some went in a veggie sauce and was served was pasta. Quite a success for a first timer!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Something About Non-Second Hand Clothes

Hello everyone! I’ve been introduced to a few sustainable brands over the last few months. Before that I was all second hand – as you may know. However, I’ve been curious about these brands and I started to think about something. Even though new clothes automatically have a higher impact than second hand clothes – there are still plenty of positive things to say about it.  I think that in order to shift the fashion industry and really show fast fashion cooperations that there is demand for something more ethical and sustainable, we need to make an active effort. Quite frankly, you can address second hand clothes as impact-less clothes (in terms of the fashion industry, there is of course still positive impact in terms of charity, repurposing and reusing materials), but by only buying second hand clothes, you make a significantly smaller impact on the fashion industry than buying from conscious and ethical brands. Just something I thought about – of course 98 per cent of my wardrobe still consists of thrifted items.  

Because of this train of thought, I accepted some clothes from Dilling. I first met them at the screening for River Blue, which I vlogged about too. Dilling has what they call clean production, which means that they know all about what their clothes go through. They dye the clothes organically in Denmark in order to supervise the production and make sure it is done according to sustainable standards. Personally, I am happy to promote a brand like this, because we need to support and promote brands that actually make conscious decisions to shift the world of fashion.

(The clothes were gifted to me by Dilling.dk)