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Thursday, December 28, 2017

My Sustainable Christmas // Glimpses

Hello everyone! I am not going to show you all too much about my Christmas, but I have these snapshots to show. I wrapped my gifts in cloth, canvas bags and reused cardboard, furthermore, all the gifts was second hand or homemade. I spent the holidays at my mother’s and I took the train to her place, with my homemade vegan gravy in a jar, and yes, it felt a little weird transporting gravy. I also made vegan cookies with orange, ginger and carnation zest, generelly I tried making as much as I could plantbased, and it worked out so well. Lastly, I used beautiful spruce branches to decorate my zero waste presents, the leftover greens have been decorating my apartment ever since, no need to waste it. So many small decisions can make a huge difference.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping


Hello everyone! The holidays have the potential of becoming extremely wasteful, but it does not have to be this way. I wrap my gifts in canvas bags, dishcloths and reused cardboard boxes.  I use compostable cotton string and beautiful spruce branches.  Ditch that plastic ribbon and paper wrapping paper! Did you know that each year we use so much plastic ribbon that we could tie a giant bow all around our planet? Scale it down, or even better stop using it altogether Check out my video about zero waste gift wrapping to find out more details! Watch the video here.



Friday, December 15, 2017

Anti-Food Waste Treats // Plantbased Muffins

Hello everyone! Last night I had to clear out my fridge before visiting my mum for a few days. I had some bananas laying around and they needed to be used, stat. I came up with this recipe in order to use them, and also because I had a craving for sweets, I mean who doesn’t sometimes?

You’ll need:

  • 2 Bananas
  • Plant or nut milk of your choice – I used unsweetened soy milk
  • Vegan butter – I use the one from Naturli’
  • Vanilla
  • Syrup – this will substitute for processed sugar, cane sugar will also do
  • Cocoa powder and 80% chocolate
  • I tbsp Baking powder – I found it bulk in LØS
  • All purpose flour
  • Filling – I used peanut butter and it was amazing!

Mash the bananas to an even paste and mix it with two cups of preferred milk. Melt 2 tablespoons of vegan butter and add that to the mix. Whisk until it is even. Now, add cocoa powder, syrup, baking powder and vanilla. Mix it with all-purpose flour until it reaches a cupcake batter-like consistency. Lastly, pour chopped chocolate pieces in our mix.

Place in cup cake forms (preferably reusable ones) and bake for about 12 minutes at 180 degrees celcius. After 12 minutes, let the muffins rest and cool of 10 minutes. Now, remove the top and the inside of the cake and replace it filling of your choice. I prefer peanut butter, but you can also go with icing or jam. Place the top back on the cake and you’re done. Snack on the remaining left-over cake and be happy.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Guide To Second Hand Christmas Gifts

Hello everyone! As a dedicated zero waster, I firmly believe that holiday seasons are no excuse to litter and over-consume.  Therefore, I try to integrate my zero waste principles to my gift-giving process. When it comes to gifts, I am also a firm believer in homemade DIY’d gifts – always, as well as giving non-physical gifts like experiences or dinners. Moreover, I would advise everyone to think about gift wrapping, no matter your degree of eco-consciousness, seriously, it is insane. Wrap your gifts in new paper pages or even better: reusable materials!  I like to wrap gifts in kitchen towels or canvas bags; like so I engage my friends and family to ditch the plastic bags, but in a festive way of course. I thought you would might be interested in my do’s and don’ts when it comes to thrift shopping for gifts; so here goes.

Don’t go for size-specific clothes. Due to the nature of thrift shops, the sizes may vary from brand to brand, because of this I rarely purchase clothes for others than myself – jackets and accessories are a whole other matter, but never tops and bottoms, it is simply too easy to get the size or shape wrong when you are shopping for others.

Homemade all the way. I like to find these cute, peculiar or simply odd knick knacks in thrift stores – for others and myself. I especially love old handcrafted, or hand painted, plates or bowls.  They have so much character. For instance, I have a plate that was hand painted by what seems to be a child in the 60s, it is so ugly but I love it because of whatever story that comes with it and all the character it adds to my otherwise character-lacking dull kitchenware – just kidding all my kitchenware has character, because everything is thrifted.

Vintage home decor. An all-time go-to item I purchase for gift giving purposes is vases and bowls. Generally home decor always seems to hit home. I typically go for vintage or retro stuff – the older the better I would say. I have a bowl for the old USSR and I use it on a daily basis, it is one of my favourite things and people also compliment it. Integrating things from the past is not only a way of appreciating what is already made, it is also super fascinating.

Items you want to care for. When I look for gifts in thrift shops, I look at the material. Cotton, silver, porcelain or crystal etc. – you know, things we want to care for and keep in good shape for a really long time. Many products in production today is not made to last beyond a few years and that is truly horrifying. Investing in materials that deserve attention and care is extremely healthy for your consumer culture and finding value in the care-taking of what we already have, instead of buying new shit, is a value I would like to pass on through my gift giving.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

My Zero Waste Goals for 2018

Hello everyone! As many other beautiful bloggers, I’ve decided to run through my goals for 2018, although these goals have nothing to do with the regular resolution clichés, these are my zero waste goals for 2018. Why am I making this post? Because we can always improve, maybe that seems demotivating, but there is always room to grow and learn and evolve, and I think that is a really important thing to remember.

Plant based food // In 2017 I took a big step and overcame something I never thought I could. I quit meat and I am insanely proud of myself. However, with my own pad on the back I have to continue further, I am not nearly done; during 2018 I would like to get even more into plant based foods. I’ve been so good at replacing dairy in my everyday diet as well, but I want to be even better. I would also like to visit more vegan restaurants in the future.

Materials of my clothes // One of my ultimate goals is rely more on natural materials in favour  of synthetic ones. I have some clothes that are very dear to me, made synthetically and I have no      intention of throwing them away. However, things that is thrown in the wash in a regular basis does retain microplastics if they are made synthetically, I would like to avoid that in the future. 

More about materials // While we are on the subject; I would like to work towards organic fabrics in terms of bed spreads, towels and so on. I still use whatever I bought when I moved out from home, and it is probably not the most eco-friendly material. Damn these high prices! This is definitely something worth saving up for.

Eco friendly travels // I need to travel more, I can feel it in my bones. Next time I travel, I want to put my money somewhere useful, support local initiatives and arrangements that are more eco friendly, spreading good vibes and tasting amazing plant based as well. I have an idea about Barcelona, so if you know any eco hotels, restaurants etc, let me know!

Keep doing what I am doing, but better // I want to continue this healthy and positive path of zero waste. Remembering my reuseable glass, having my spork in my bag, using stainless steel straws, shopping at my bulk stores and plastic free farmer’s market and of course, wearing my canvas bag and my second hand outfits. Remembering that this planet’s resources are precious and few and that we need to make an effort to take care of them. Remembering that the world is not there for my convenience and pleasure and I need to earn my place here. I want to hold on to this mindset and never let it go, because I have honestly never been so happy and motivated as I am right now.