Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Málaga // Tips For Sustainable Travelling


Hello everyone! I just came home last night from a week in Málaga, Spain. It was nothing short of amazing and exactly what I needed. The weather was just the right temperature for a Scandinavian like me, quite used to much colder weather than 15 C. I’ve gotten a lot of comments and questions about how to travel more sustainably, so I thought I would give you my pointers on that. These tips are not specifically about Málaga, as they can be applied anywhere basically, but they all worked about for me last week.

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Also, of course it is more sustainable to travel by train than by plane. However, sometimes that is not an option. I would never compromise my desire to see the world, so these tips do not include air travel. However that being said, it you can you should avoid it for a more sustainable alternative. If you cannot avoid additional waste by not printing out tickets, boarding passes and so on. Keep it in the wallet option on your phone. Okay, so on to the list.


Bring containers, wrappers, glass or cutlery with you from home. I used my beeswrap several times for light snacking, specially when I went to the market. I can also recommend a sort of wrap or container for potential restaurant leftovers, if you go out.  No one is too fancy to bring those leftovers home, go ahead.

Obviously, ask for no straw, please. It is the simplest thing ever and if you are nice about it, explaining that you do not want to waste anything, people are super understanding most of the time. The only problem I had a couple of times was that some waiters did not quite speak English, but learn a few phrases in the desired languages and you are good to go.

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Generally decline all sorts of free conveniences. Straws, napkins, cupholders, flyers, coupons, receipts, plastic (or paper) bags and whatever. These sort of things pile up like crazy. Just say no, if possible before they are even offered to you. Moreover, declining such items lessens the demand, meaning less will be made if people stop accepting it, win win.

Plan restaurant visits and explore sustainable, eco-friendly and plant-based places.  A follower of mine on Instagram recommended tons of great places. I went to ByOko which is an eco café with the most amazing vegan smoothie bowls and delicious veggie sandwich options. I also went to the big marketplace, and there were bulk items for days, quite handy to have a canvas bag with me, I tell you.


4 thoughts on “Málaga // Tips For Sustainable Travelling

  1. Thanks for sharing! I just want to say after seeing your video about plane travel. I’m really doing zero waste and I’m minimalist. Everything goes step by step, as I’m not close to zero waste but everything is getting better. Even I own very few clothes, I still sometimes need to buy something (new or second hand), I get critics if I tell about it. And living zero waste, I got critics about plane travels, travelling generally, using airbnb, anything, as I should end whole zero waste thing. That is sad. I just continue, perfectly imperfect, and I’m learning all the time. Greetings from Helsinki!

  2. Good read! Thanks, some times it’s so simple, but people get accustomed to what they know and can’t even imagne not asking for a…straw 😉 Thanks! possible that I would fall into my all habits as well if not for reading this.

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