MY ZERO WASTE GOALS FOR 2018 // Moving My Ass, and Making Lipsticks


Hello everybody! I hope you are all doing well. I thought I would tell you guys about my goals and resolutions for this year, I accept the clichée nature of this post, but hopefully it still ends up sort of inspiring.  I am heading to Copenhagen tomorrow morning, and I am of course filming a vlog all about it. I am working with CanopyLAB and contributing to their Sustainability for Youth course. I am crossing my fingers I am able to stop by LØS and stock up on bulk goods.

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One: More self love. It seems so banal to remember to care for yourself, however I still seem to forget all too quickly. Taking some time to really reflect on how I feel and act accordingly is something I want to make more of a priority. It is so easy to lose yourself when only listening to the opinion of others, I learned the hard way this year.

Two: Exercise, duh. I have promised myself to get my bottom moving this year, seriously. However, I have had trouble finding a sort of exercise that I won’t hate after five solid minutes. I’ve started swimming, and running/walking (who am I kidding), which is a combi I am loving thus far.

Three: Get greens girl. Even as a zero waster it is easy to end up eating too much processed food, it can literally happen to everyone, apparently.. I am slowly starting to making more unprocessed, and plant based, dishes again, and honestly, I can already feel a huge difference. Although, nothing quite beats a good ol’ chip…

Four: Even less clutter. Although I exclusively shop second hand, and thereby impact neutral, items, I still have to remind myself not to buy stuff I don’t need. Maybe it is the hoarder gene within me, but I have a hard time passing up beautiful second hand furniture, or even better vintage kitchen tools. However, the capacity for my kitchen cannot stand anymore knick knacks.

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Five: Travel more. Done. Next week I am off to Spain and then England. Last year, I spent a huge amount of money on tattoos, which I all love. However, this year, my spare change will be spent travelling. I am taking a trip with my dad as well, Portugal is up in the air at the moment. Also, I really want to see Malaysia or Vietnam.

Six: Stupid Lipstick Recipe, why are you not working? I need to perfect my zero waste lipstick recipe, seriously, it is embarrassing.

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