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Hello everybody! Yeah, yet another outfit post, I know, it’s crazy, I feel like a proper blogger.  I’ve been posting about food for so long that I have completely forgotten all about fashion and beauty and what not. But right now, I am in the middle of a large food-related project, and I haven’t been able to post about it yet. Instead I’ve recently made a new get-ready-with-me style video (ages and ages since the last one I did) and now this outfit too, phew. Talking about this outfit, all components are sustainably sourced, either through their materials and initiative or by the fact that they are second hand. Outfit details are down below.

I find it so important to showcase how sustainability does not have to be a compromise on your personal style or aesthetic. I wear something like this on an everyday basis and it just feels great to know that my clothes does not contribute to the wasteful practices of the fast fashion industry.

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Headset from Marshall, but found second hand on dba // Scarf from my mum, she gave it to me a long time ago and has been wearing it all through my growing up // Denim jacket is vintage from Desert Fox Collective // Jeans, jumper and boots are all from a thrift store in Aalborg // Backpack is recycled PET and vegan leather from Charlie Feist

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