Zero Waste Birthday Brunch

Hello everybody! Today I celebrated my birthday with my family, it was the first time I hosted the family brunch completely alone, on top of that I’ve been pretty under the weather (flu stuff). In spite of this, I really wanted to make this a no-trash, no-meat party.  I did a similar post two years ago, however at that time, I went to the butcher’s and got meat in jars. I did not do that this year, but if you’re interested I’ve linked it in this post. Here are my tips on how to make a birthday celebration less wasteful.

How To Host A Zero Waste brunch For 10 People

Decorations: I do not bother with waste single-use decorations. I have Danish fabric flags on a string and they go up every time it’s someone’s birthday. I also have a table flag from the thrift store, it is butt ugly, but I love that you can easily see it’s homemade.

Bread: I did not have time to bake, like at all. Instead I went to a baker shop with my own canvas bad, asked for no paper or plastic bags. This is one of the easiest things to do zero waste, just don’t be afraid to ask.

DSC06809Homemade: I decided to make vegan pancakes from scratch, buying items like this finished, typically means paying for a packaged and processed product, and I would never do. I also had some homemade jam, not made by me, but a member of the family, still much better than the store bought stuff.

Store bought: The things you do buy in the store, make sure to go for cardboard or glass. These materials are super easy to recycle. I got some small snacks like raisins, nuts and chocolates, as well as a natural peanut butter spread, organic of course.


Fruit: It is one of these things that are so easy to find plastic free, select whatever you can find plastic free and let the selection guide you. I got avocado, bananas, lemons, yellow peppers and melon (the blueberries are my mum’s leftovers).

Drinks: I had bulk tea and coffee, so that was easy. I bought some italian lemonade on a glass bottle and made cold lemon water. I also put some orange syrup on the table, it is nice to spice up your water, or pancakes. If you want to make it yourself, I’ve left a link to the post, it’s part of my soda recipe.

How To Make Your Own Soda

Not Zero Waste: I’ll just briefly like to mention the products I used that did contained plastic. I used a plant based butter, as well as soy milk in a carton. Furthermore, I also found some vegan cold cuts which I thought would be nice. As I said before, two years ago I bought package free meat, but this year I thought I would rather take the vegan option. You call this personal growth?



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