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Friday, August 10, 2018

Visiting China’s Only Zero Waste Shop // THE BULK HOUSE

Hello everybody! I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with the owner of China’s only zero waste shop right here in Beijing. It’s the funniest thing actually, I got in contact with Carrie, the amazing and brilliant woman who runs the shop, through an Instagram follower, and we got connected on WeChat. Without having decided on a day to meet up, I end up walking right by the store whilst searching for a vintage shop. It’s quite mental considering how massive Beijing actually is.

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I got to hear a lot about the store and how it opened. I know that generally zero waste initiatives are more difficult than other stores, but in the case of The Bulk House, it’s a whole other level. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the people how run this place despite the obstacles in China, and it was definitely an extremely inspirational meeting.

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Trying To Be Vegan and Zero Waste in China

Hello everybody! I thought, as I possibly won’t upload as frequently as I usually do, I would start a series of everyday moments, in which I can be more personal. I moved to Beijing, China since my last post, so I most certainly feel that calls for an update. I got a few comments regarding the nature of air travel, and I do completely agree that it can be unnecesary and polluting, but when there are no other options, you gotta do what you gotta do. I like to think that neither of us are completely perfect, and I do love to travel.  Zero Waste is going to be interesting here, and I have to rethink and reinvent everything from scratch, which is difficult, but also really exciting.

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I’ve been scouting my area, which is called Jiuxian, for vegan restaurants and options. I do not know much Chinese, but so far I get by on the basics and the comfort of a translation app. I’ve accepted that some infomation will ultimately get lost in translation, so the chance of eating something with fishsauce or milk powder in it is pretty big, but eventhough it makes my stomach turn I try to accept that I probably won’t be perfect in that aspect either. However, and this is the case whereever you’re travelling; it’s all about intention. I go with my gut and avoid everything that seems suspicious, there is really nothing else to do. I am still in a rookie phase here, so I am exploring local grocery stores and supermarkets, hopefully I’ll have time to go and find a Farmer’s Market or something of that nature.

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Everything is very different and new and that in itself is quite scary. The apartment I am living in, and sharing with two others, was in much worse condition than I imagined and that really affected my mood on the first day, well both that and the jetlag. But I’ve decorated it a bit and made it feel more like home; a process which required me to purchase some things, I tried making it as package free as possible, but of course there was some waste. I cannot wait to give you the tour though. I know some of the big things I do have a huge impact on our planet, like buying new things and travelling for work. But living without these things would not simply be inconvient, it would be an empty life; seeing the world and a home that feels like home are essential to me, however plastic bags, straws, take away containers, fast fashion, meat, dairy and eggs are not. I try to stay true to my values in those aspects that really matters to me personally.

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