My Relationship With The Zero Waste Community

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Hello everybody! I hope you’re all well. If you don’t know where I am at the moment, you probably don’t follow me on social media, or perhaps the notifications bell isn’t on, or perhaps the new algorithms are just drowning my posts; honestly it’s hard to be sure at this point. Anyway, if you’re interested I’ve left a link in the top of the post.

I just really wanted to talk about our community for a second, because I think I need to. I’ve been interested in zero waste for over 4 years now, and I’ve been blogging and documenting my journey every step of the way; this means that I got involved with the online zero waste community quite quickly.  I’ve been art of online communities before, art fora, photography fora and as many of you know, social fashion and beauty platforms as well. However, I have never before been a part of, or even seen, a community which such an amazing ability to care for each other as the zero waste community.

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I’ve shown you guys huge parts of my journey and my life, and not all of them have been perfect or ideal or even positive. I’ve recently shared bits of some mental health issues in context of my stay in Beijing and why I decided to come home after only two weeks. Last year I told you how I broke off my engagement 4 months before the wedding and I’ve also let you guys know how I have utilised tattoos to improve my body perception and my eating disorder. I’ve shared these personal details because I want to be honest and not just some Instagram ideal that isn’t actually real.

Anyway, my point is that through all of these semi-tough announcements, the community around which I have build my platform has shown itself to be kind, accepting, loving and most of all supportive. I don’t know if the notion of zero waste just exclusively appeals to the kindest hearted people, or whether or not it is because the foundation of the community is based off something so utterly caring and unselfish, as caring for the plant in spite of difficulties and inconveniences.  Whatever it is, I am so massively grateful to a part of a community that cares so much and shows this amount of support. It makes it way easier to be real and honest when I feel that I am welcome in spite of imperfections or failures. I encourage everyone to bring this sort of kindness into the world.


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