Visiting China’s Only Zero Waste Shop // THE BULK HOUSE

Hello everybody! I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with the owner of China’s only zero waste shop right here in Beijing. It’s the funniest thing actually, I got in contact with Carrie, the amazing and brilliant woman who runs the shop, through an Instagram follower, and we got connected on WeChat. Without having decided on a day to meet up, I end up walking right by the store whilst searching for a vintage shop. It’s quite mental considering how massive Beijing actually is.

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I got to hear a lot about the store and how it opened. I know that generally zero waste initiatives are more difficult than other stores, but in the case of The Bulk House, it’s a whole other level. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the people how run this place despite the obstacles in China, and it was definitely an extremely inspirational meeting.

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