The Versatile Life of My Eco Lunch Box


Hello everybody! Zero waste is, if nothing, about being creative and working with what you’ve got. It’s about the absence of spending unnecessary money on unnecessary products. Because of this, you’ll often find alternative application options for your things. I want to take you through some of the purposes my stainless steel Eco Lunch Box has had over the last three years.

Lunch Box: Whenever I am off to work, or uni, and I need to pack a lunch I use one or all three tiers (depending on how much I bring). Whenever I am done with my food, I clean the lunch box and take it back home.

Plate: Sometimes I prefer buying my food at the university cantine, and then I bring the top tier to function as a plate. Usually I tare the plate (weighing it with and without contents) so I don’t have to pay for the weight of it. (Pro tip the lid doubles as an extra plate)

Fridge container: I have a thousand different food projects going all at once, and these three tiers have proving extremely handy to store food in the fridge, because it is tight and can be stacked on other containers as well.

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To-Go container: Sometimes I just crave fast food, because I am a person. The Eco lunch box has saving my ass several times, because it’s so easy to take back and forth. I’ve asked several street food vendors and fast food places if I could have my food in my own containers, works like a charm.

Travel gear: I’ve brought the lunch box with me every time I’ve travelled, it is the best.

Doggy Bag: Can’t finish your meal, but don’t want to use the restaurant’s non-recyclable doggy bags? I bring my own and it looks a hell of a lot like my Eco Lunch Box.


Storage: Travelling or on a road trip, it happens that I bring something that breaks easily. I’ve found that using the lunch box as storage works really well.

Oven proof plate: As stainless steel takes no issue with heat, I use my Eco Lunch Box to heat my meals in the oven, easy. Just be careful, it gets bloody hot.

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  1. i have a bamboo container that i LOVE! it has contained food, salads, sandwiches, burguers, and even papers when the kids where i volunteer had to vote HAHAHAHA 🙂 keep being awesome and sustainable ♥ lots of love from argentina!!

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