Recipe // Vegan Cauliflower Bites

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Hello everybody! I just came home from the most amazing trip to Copenhagen last night, with a detour to Oslo as well. Whenever I am exhausted I crave some crazy comfort foods, one of which being spicy cauliflower bites. These are seriously addictive, now you’re warned. Yes, I ate this entire plate and I am not even sorry.

You’ll need: Small chunks of cauliflower, 1½ cup of plant milk, parsley, 2 tbsp flour, frying oil and your preferred spice mix (I mixed chili powder, paprika, cane sugar, cumin, cardamom, garlic powder, onion powder salt and pepper)

How to: Make your frying batter by mixing your flour with your spice mix. Add the plant milk a little at a time until your batter reaches a pancake batter-like consistency. Separate the chunks of cauliflower in bite sizes and carefully coat them in the batter. Heat the frying oil to around 365°F (or test the oil by added a drop of batter, if it cooks you’re good to go). Fry the cauliflower a few at a time until golden brown. I find that it usually takes around 1-2 minutes. Let them rest in a towel and serve with chopped parsley and sweet chili sauce.

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