The 1 Fact That Turned Me Vegan

Hello everybody! Whilst filming my vegan confessions video something dawned on me. I started reflecting on my journey from a conventional/uninformed point of view, to a straight up anti-vegan, to a vegetarian, and then at last, to a fully grown vegan . I see people struggling with veganism, and even vegetarianism every day, with stuff like not wanting to give up bacon or the mind-numbing cheese craving. Some people struggle because they feel victimized by vegans. Criticism feels awful, and some people struggle because they want to give up animal products but lack the strength or motivation to do so. I see my own behavior so much in those cravings, in those onions, and problems.  So I thought I would tell you how everything changed for me after I realised one simple thing.


I had all the info about the meat industry whilst supporting it. I knew exactly how damaging animal agriculture is to the environment, I knew exactly how sentient animals are, how capable of emotion and connection. Still I let the fact that I somewhat enjoyed the way these animals tasted become a more salient factor than the value of their lives. It seems insane to think about, but that is the hard truth and it applies to almost all of us. We like the way something tastes so much that we would kill for it. It is scientific fact that a vegan diet is the healthiest for the human body, and that fact is supported by countless research reports, read an example here. I knew all of these things and yet, I continued to eat animals.


It’s not about me. This tiny sentence changed my life. I started thinking about my cravings as an addiction, a weakness of the mind, a habit that I had to break. I decided that no more animals should die because I refused to eat vegetables instead. Think about your cravings for cheese or steak as a selfish act, because that is what it is; and the refusal to give in to that craving as a selfless act. Whenever I go a day as vegan I succeed, I become a positive impact in a culture that still glorifies animal agriculture, and that refuses to see the destruction that our habits and preferences have caused.

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Telling yourself that the earth is not here to serve you, you’re here to serve it, really makes all the difference. For so long I was unaffected by the consequences of my food choices, because everywhere I looked I was supported, applauded and praised for my continuous decision to eat meat, no question. My family thought it was hilarious that could eat a massive steak in one sitting, my town has an annual hot dog marathon and every commercial I ever saw told me that milk would make me strong. Taking these factors into consideration, it is not difficult to see why so many people, myself included, find it difficult to let go. But it’s not a about us.  Someone said to me not long ago: “we don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”




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  1. Thank you for this post. I just tried to write my own post about my vegan story, and this only strengthens my belief in and commitment to veganismo.

    1. I am so happy that you like it, hopefully it will inspire others to reflect.

      Lots of love GM

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