I Launched an Etsy Store

Hello everybody! As a quick life update, I am here to tell you that I finally opened an Etsy store! I am so freaking excited about it. Another thing, which I am quite happy with, is the new layout of Gittemary.com. The blog has been dead for some time, but I thought a new design would spark some more interesting and motivation for me to write more.

Visit my Etsy shop here

I’ve been wanting to make zero waste merch for quite some time, and what I came up with is something that resonates so well with my values, as well as with my style and aesthetic. I have linocut prints which are made from 100% recycled and preloved materials. And I have canvas bags, made with my unique designs and from 100& certified organic and fair-trade cotton.

I hope you will like what I have created. I have put so much effort into making this in complete alignment with my zero waste lifestyle, and I am so grateful that it is finally here.


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  1. Cool shop! I’ll keep it in mind when I need to buy someone a gift. Also, cool look! I was surprised when I loaded up your blog. It looks sleeker.

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