Leftovers For Lunch

Hello everybody! I have found that since going zero waste I have absolutely no issue having lunch for breakfast or breakfast for dinner. In order to minimise food waste I make sure to eat what I have before buying more and that can sometimes result in the most amazing leftover lunches.

Yesterday, I filmed some videos from Bleschu which I often produce social media materials for and it is quite a pleasure. The best things about filming food videos is that there is always plenty of delicious food to eat afterwards and yesterday was no exception. But it can also be difficult, if you end up making more than you are capable of eating and it ends up going bad in the back of your fridge. The same can be said for parties or gathering where you’ll have to cook. I always make a little less than I think I need, because there are always too many leftovers anyway. Making a little less will actually just save the last bit from the trash. Luckily I have been strategic about it, and I am ready to eat naan and hummus until the end of days, no food waste here.

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