Zero Waste Birthday Party idea // small bags of bulk sweets

Hello everybody! Last weekend I turned 25 and I celebrated it by throwing a 90’s themed birthday party. It’s something that I have always wanted to do. I had 90’s music, I had board games, there were home baked goods and hot cocoa and most importantly, the small bags of sweets. I remember these from birthday parties when I was younger and luckily they are still amazing (although I am now 25 I can still enjoy me some sweets, especially when they are zero waste.)

In Denmark, we have bulk sweets everywhere, luckily. However often the bags to put the sweets in are plastic. So I brought my own bulk bags, and I transferred small amounts of the candy into even smaller canvas bags when I got home. Small mouth potions, and it was so cute.

I would definitely recommend this sort of thing if you’re throwing an actual children’s birthday. Party favours and sweet gimmicks does not have to come with a ton of waste. Be creative, find alternatives and new options, it will might just turn out that those ideas will be even better than the original thing.


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