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Hello everybody! Denim is one of the most resource demanding materials to produce, and sadly it often ends up in landfill or incerators. A person uses a piece of clothing for 3 years on average before discarding it. But that is problematic because a lot of fabric is in good condition when thrown out; we tend to toss stuff because it is easy, and because the clothes were cheap. It takes more than 1500 gallons of water to produce a pair of jeans, and the dyeing methods utilized are extremely toxic and unsustainable. Colouring jeans, distressing them, acid washing them, are all processes which require harsh chemicals, and in the fast fashion industry, the wastewater leaks directly into rivers and oceans. So what is this post about?

My point is to stress how insanely important it is to reuse old fabrics as much as possible. We have to do better to keep garments out of our waste cycle. To put it into perspective, 30% of European and American landfills are made of textile waste.

I recently teamed up with Mahla Clothing, a sustainable clothing brand that reuses fabrics and produces sustainable and ethical products – just the way we like it. Mahla sent me this amazing fanny pack and it is made entirely from denim scraps. I was over the moon to see how the denim was reused, and I was also kind of psyched about owning a bumbag.

Check out Mahla Clothing here

I really enoy working with brands that takes sustainability seriously, which is why I have no issue with posting this sponsored post. I would never promote a product I was not 100% behind, and I have been wearing this bag for a week straight at this point – no shame.

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  1. Have you lost weight since switching to a whole foods vegan diet? Can you make a blogpost/video about it? Lots of Love, Julia

    1. Hello Julia, yes I have. I show how and what I eat in my “what I eat in a day” videos on YouTube. But I have chosen to not make a specific video about weight loss because it is a difficult subject for me to discuss. I hope it makes sense <3

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